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In September 2007 I came down with a bad cold which turned into bronchitis. I get grumpy when this happens, but I still journal. This time the cold lasted long enough that I filled a journal. I decided to group everything together. That's what follows. This image, however, is from the previous journal. It's another painting of my current "life model" Gert, the rubber chicken puppet. (Hey I don't have a dog any more so I have to make do!)

This is a brush pen sketch with gouache on slightly toned paper (which has flecks in it, but I also spattered paint about). The journal is about 8 x 8 inches. The fortune cookie fortune stuck to the verso page reads "It's tempting to make promises but can you keep them all." I can safely say Gert has never broken a promise to me.

The middle of this year was a hectic one for me, filled with meetings and note-taking. I also designed a lot of custom books and portfolios and did some class project design; the pages of these journals are filled for the most part with non-visual information or diagrams, which I won't be posting. I did like this fun painting of Gert. Visitors to my journal selections will remember her from other pages.

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