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Besides fruit, another painting standby is Gert, my rubber chicken puppet. She has a necklace that proclaims: Life Model. I take her to my demos. Here's a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch of her, overpainted with Schmincke gouache. I'm still facsinated with Cobalt blue.

The page of text across the gutter is something that was pre-pasted onto the page. It's something I've always done in my journals. Typically I'll use decorative paper and examples of that can be seen throughout the journal selections on my website. For the past several months, however, I keep coming back to using pages out of a mystery. The book was a reprint on acid free paper and I cut pages out of it to make an altered book. Many of the single line phrases I've been putting in my journals in the last few months have also come from this book. Slowly but surely it's all being used up. I enjoy working over the type with sketches and gouache.

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