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Just about anything works on this Folio paper. Here I covered the right side of the spread with Pearl Ex red-gold stamp ink and when that dried I painted strokes of white gouache over the entrie spread. (The white had been slightly contaminated with some blue in my brush.) Over this I sketched my rubber chicken with a Pentel brush pen that is pigment ink and almost waterproof (it bleeds a little on some papers where the sizing keeps the ink floating a little longer). Most of the lines are hidden with the gouache I then went in and painted with. When everything was dry I actually buffed the entire spread with Microglaze wax. It looks like an oil painting. (The fortune cookie fortune was on the page before I started sketching.) I had just finished a gouache painting and had lots of paint out on my palette so I decided to paint this chicken (again).

Note: I no longer buy Folio because two sources have told me that the box of totally smooth paper I bought in 2000 was atypical and the more CP texture of the white I've seen around is actually typical of this paper. It's a shame. I have about 6 journals left from this box of 100 sheets. When they are gone maybe I can find some of this paper locally and see the surface I'm getting before I purchase it. The paper is a little like Rives BFK, but less expensive and tougher. I also like to use it to print my carvings because the surface is so smooth. It is also a pleasure to write on with any pens, but in particular Staedtler Pigment Liners and dip pens.


Illustration © 2006 Roz Stendahl; All Rights Reserved