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beaded objects

This is a selection of beaded items from 2002 to 2004. The jewelry items include blue and brown embellished strands, a pink and maroon flat herringbone stitch lariat (right) and two beaded bead necklaces (center).

The purple book on the left is 6 x 8 inches tall. The cover is an eraser carving print made of Dottie from one of my Daily Dot drawings. The spine of the book is decorated with glass beads and shrink plastic beads.

For additional photos of this book and "how to" information on how I carved this image and created the other elements of this book please see Rice Freeman Zachery's "Stamp Artistry," (Rockport Publishers, 2003). Rice's book contains funky and fun rubber stamp projects from a number of artists. Rice has done an excellent job explaining how she and the other featured artists achieve the effects and details which make their work eye catching and whimsical. I'm thrilled to be included. You'll be inspired by the artwork and enjoy using the techniques to express your own voice. (Also included in Rice's book you'll find instructions for one of my bead and polymer clay amulet bags.)

The book on the right also uses a beadweaving technique I developed to decorate my book spines. Please watch my class schedule for listings if you are interested in my beaded spine techniques.


Artwork © 2004 Roz Stendahl; All Rights Reserved
Photo © 2004 Tom Nelson