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In July we took a family vacation to Brainerd, MN. It is a lake resort town of the type that attracts golfers, though no one going was a golfer. Every year Minnesotans, and ex-Minnesotans return to the lakes to enjoy boating, water-skiing, and golfing. Temperatures, moderated by the lakes, make for comfortable weather outdoors. Of course there is always the bug issue, especially mosquitoes, but that's a small price to pay.

The following pages are from the journal I kept for four days we were there. This first page is part of two rubbings that I did of the Bataan Death March Memorial in Brainerd. I took the rubbings of the brass memorial plates late at night when the mosquitoes were out in force. It made for quick rubbing and a lot of blood on the paper. The pieces are each 20 x 17 inches and fold out of my journal. The one not shown is a map. This is a list of the men from the Brainerd area who served and ended up at Bataan. When you read the names and see whole families of brothers killed, and know that in a small community like this these men all grew up with each other, you get a very clear picture of the impact of war.

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