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My friend Diane and her parents invited me back up to Grand Marais this summer. Once again I kept a journal. I used a 6 x 8 inch journal I made with 180 gr. Gutenberg paper. I really enjoy working with this paper because it is thick enough to be opaque and hide the previous page's work. It is also thick enough to allow for watercolor washes with only a minimal amount of buckling. The surface allows for blending and rework of washes. The slightly cold press texture of the paper is still smooth enough to write lots of notes and text, but rough enough to break up my line if I want a dry brush effect.

All in all many of my students have recently heard me say this may be the perfect paper. We'll see. For now I am enjoying its slightly creamy tan color with gray flecks.

Marian, Diane's mother, is the type of hostess who makes you feel totally at ease and at home. At the same time she also spoils you with her great cooking and baking.

When we arrived at the cabin she already had a batch of shortbread scones cooling on a rack. Art had picked strawberries earlier in the week in the Cities. At four inches in diameter these "cakes" made rather large but scrumptious helpings of shortbread, when covered with strawberries and cream (whipped and liquid). I confess I liked them better without any cream (which I thought made the "cookies" as I liked to call them, soggy). When we had a fresh batch again another night I ate them dry.

My sketch doesn't really do these cakes justice. They were a sparkling golden brown on the top of their lumpy surface because of a light sprinkling of sugar.

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