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Diane knows I love birds. Her cousin Phyllis has chickens. Diane asked if we could come over and sketch. Besides chickens Phyllis raises and shows Norweigian Fjord Horses and has a wonderful goose (more about him later!). The Fjord horses are stunningly beautiful. They are a warm buff color with a bleach blonde mane and tail that has black hair in the center! Totally striking, very punk in the most elegant of ways. These horses also have the roundness and substance of larger drafting horses.

Phyllis' horses also have a calm and patient demeanor. They were totally content to push their fuzzy gray noses into my chest and let me stroke their smooth faces. Horses may have the ultimate liquid brown eyes. (Note: I was never a horsy girl, but perhaps if these had been on offer I would have been.)

Since I now have a small digital camera I decided to make space in my journal for the photos. The next page I actually left blank for some photos I would later print out. As the trip continued I became more and more disenchanted with this method. I'm not quite sure why because on some levels it's no different from my normal visual journal which has tons of stuff collaged on various pages, in amongst notes and ideas for paintings and such. Ultimately I came to feel that both this journal (and my Texas journal from this year) had too many photos and the photos represented things I hadn't really seen, but instead was rushing by. It's something I'm still pondering. On the next trip photos may be relegated to the back of the journal again, all put in the day I return. Or not.


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