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In July my friend Diane and I headed down to Kansas City. A photographer friend had an exhibit of jazz musician portraits at the American Jazz Museum. (You can check out these excellent photographs on Dan White.)

Diane and I left Minneapolis in the morning and had a leisurely drive, stopping at several locations (including the Russell Stover's outlet store in Bethany, MO, where they were having a candy by the case sale!). It's fun to travel with Diane. We always seem to want to stop at the same time, but we always draw something different. She also makes great ham sandwiches!

On the right hand page of this spread you'll see the "Pet Area" sign; it marked a very small patch of ground. Something about this allocation of land at this Missouri rest stop struck me as humorous.

Typically when I go on a trip I take a dedicated trip journal, but I had just started this journal and liked the size (about 7 x 9 inches). I ended up taking a lot of photos on this trip which I collaged together.

Don't let anyone tell you the road from Minneapolis to Kansas City is boring or "there's nothing to see." We had several friends tell us that before our departure. We found more interesting things than we could possibly stop for if we'd had two weeks! (We only had a couple days.) The only trip disappointment was arriving at 5:50 p.m. at Cabella's large store in Owatonna, MN, on a Sunday when they close at 6 p.m. There was no possible way to sketch any of the diorama animals. They are stunning, and I'll make a separate trip now that I've at least had a glimpse of them.


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