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In March my friend Karen asked me to look after her Beagle bitch Lucky while her family was away for about 10 days. I've spent time with Lucky before and really enjoy her inquisitive beligerence. (To view other drawings of Lucky see the Polk County Journal on the journal list for 2004.)

During the time she was here I worked in a journal which had Arches Text Wove for the text paper. I love this paper because it is tough and can take a watercolor wash really well. It is also a light weight paper so you can make a journal with a lot of pages and not end up with a heavy book. It also tears down into a nice size without any waste: approximately 6.5 x 8.5 inches. The lightweight paper is not totally opaque, however, and you will see in the scans from this book ghosts of writing and other illustrations showing through the paper. Overall it doesn't bother me too much because the paper is fun to work on, but it does prevent me from using this paper all the time.

If a dog is going to visit I'm going to draw her, and so I did. I did over sixty pages of sketches of Lucky during her stay. I used them to make 3 acrylic paintings of her.

I will be posting a cross reference to the Lucky paintings I made when I complete the update of the painting section of my website. Please check back.

The above sketch was the first I did of her after her arrival. We had been busy settling in. Dick and I were also busy pushing everything 18 inches back on the counters because Lucky is a dog who likes to reach for things (she would stand up on her hind legs and fish with her paws). I was pretty tired, but I wanted something in my journal for her first day, so I used the Pentel Color Brush to make this quick sketch of Lucky as she rested on her pillow. I sat on the floor next to her. She got used to me staring at her.


On August 1, 2005 I received an email from Karen. Lucky had passed away in the morning from an apparent heart attack. She was not quite 11 years old. We'd been having an extraordinarily hot summer. She had just spent a weekend up at the lake with her family. She was buried at the lake later that week. Lucky was a very special dog and she is missed. I'm grateful for the time I spent with her.

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