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Janice and I went to the Shepherds' Harvest Festival (or something like that) at the Washington County Fair Grounds. I thought it would be fun to sketch the animals and I might find some more resources for roving to make felt.

Llamas and alpacas were also present. I find llamas difficult to draw. They look like cartoon characters. Nothing you sketch seems to look like it has any basis in reality. This llama, Cream Puff, was very calm. Her hair cut allowed me to see some of her skull structure.

This was the first time since Dottie's death that I had been to Washington County Fair Grounds. It was an odd and not very pleasant experience, so I was glad for the distraction of focusing on the animals. We also had some kettle corn. I don't know exactly how it is made, except that as its name implies it's cooked in a kettle, but it tastes sweet as well as salty. Pretty yummy.

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