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I decided that I'd stay up all night. That way, when we got to Paris I'd be in the afternoon swing of things already. That part of the plan worked fine, but staying up to collage on the airplane was more difficult.

A flight attendant walked by with newspapers and when I called her over to ask for one she said, "But they are in Icelandic." "Yep," and I nodded. I thought it would be fun to see what makes the news in Iceland (negative article about President Bush on the front page along with a "feel good" article about a new children's playground).

Newspapers are a type of Rosetta Stone for any culture. Looking for the standard placement of items like publication and circulation data, as well as weather and entertainment pages (Calvin and Hobbes in Icelandic made it onto another collaged page), you begin to get a sense of what's important and also what's being discussed or not discussed.

Without any cutting tools, however, I had to tear my collage items all the while trying not to disturb the young man sitting next to me on one side, or my friend on the other. And gluing on a plane, where the air is dry is pretty nigh impossible. (I had to reglue several items on several pages when we got to Paris.)

I'm anxious to visit Iceland some day for longer than 2 hours.


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