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We'd been in Paris for several hours and I hadn't had the opportunity to sketch yet. We spent our time getting into town from the airport and then settling in and making some initial plans.

Since you can't visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower we decided to walk over to the Trocadero where there is a large square, museums, and things I'm not even aware of as I was in overwhelm from the crowds of tourists!

By this time I have also totally surrendered to my obsession with pigeons. If you like pigeons you should go to Paris. They are everywhere. And fat and happy for the most part.

As we stood on the large expense of stone that served as the square I turned and saw one of the gold statues that flanked the walls of the buildings on either side. The golden woman had a pigeon on her shoulder, part of the statue. But she also had a live pigeon on her head. I whipped out that thin gridded journal again and caught the moment. While I did that one of my friends got out her camera and managed to take a quick picture, but we were literally done at the same time, the bird was gone. (That was also the moment that confirmed to me I had to lose the journal case!)

We then turned our attention to the Eiffel Tower and spent a couple minutes sketching. It's the only sketch I did of this icon. It is a beautiful structure, but I have to say, over the time of the trip I found myself more fascinated by the manner the French have of clipping into rectangular shapes the tops of their trees!


Illustration © 2006 Roz Stendahl; All Rights Reserved