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journal page

This is the title page of the State Fair Journal. It is the first page in the book but the last page I completed. I always leave a title page blank when I start a new journal; I complete the title page when I finish the journal. Here, with no other pages left in the book the title page also records what I did on my final trip to the Fair.

This is an actual size print of my Spin-Art (I kept the original to hang on the wall).

Every year I decide what medium I'm going to use when creating images for my Fair journal. In 2004 I had just started experimenting with the Pentel Color Brush. This is a plastic brush that contains watersoluble ink. The brush tip is not a felt tip, but individual bristles like a Niji waterbrush. This allows for some interesting mark making. To get some ink on the brush you simply squeeze the barrel.

I had experimented with black and several colors. I had found that when I painted in gouache over the brush lines a very interesting blending effect, known by many as "mud," happened. I wanted to play around with this so I decided to take a black color brush, a Staedtler Pigment Liner (05) for writing small detailed text as needed), a Niji waterbrush, and my gouache palette.

Besides my goal of filling the journal I made a pact with myself to push and do more "scenes" and to include more people. (I tend to focus close-up on animals.)


Illustration © 2004 Roz Stendahl; All Rights Reserved