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The clouds from an early morning rain storm were just clearing as Tom and I walked into the Fair Grounds. Everything was wet, but the air was also clear, no dust. Except for a brief sprinkle later in the morning (which added interesting character to our paintings) we had a sunny, pleasantly warm day.

"Where do you want to start?" We asked each other in unison. We decided jump right in and made for the scenic vistas of the Midway. (This is where you'll find rides and games of chance. It's noisy, and very colorful.)

The benches were wet from the rain so I just stood up, pointed myself in a direction and dove in. While I was adding the washes of gouache a young girl (about 15 years old) came up and started talking to me. She asked me to paint a portrait of her sister, which I gently declined. I am quite pleased that I managed to squeeze in a couple people at the bottom of the right hand page in this image. Two goals accomplished.

Drawing first with the brush pen, creating a watersoluble line, and then messing it all up with gouache possed some interesting problems for me during both visits when I used these tools. But I have to say I really enjoyed myself. I rarely allow myself to get so loose and messy. And it's good to widen out the view once in a while.

The bat-like blob of dark color in the gutter of the page is color which seeped through from a later page.

See a photograph of the Midway Tom took when I finished my painting.


Illustration © 2004 Roz Stendahl; All Rights Reserved