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Color Theory
Location: to be announced
Contact: roz@rozworks.com
Dates: Workshops and weekly available. Please contact Roz via email if you are interested
Fee: to be announced
Class Description:
Use color fearlessly. Starting with the color wheel students will explore the challenging subject of color theory through hands-on experiments. Exercises will demystify the blending properties of transparent watercolor and provide students with a foundation for color mixing in their art work. Paper, paint, and brush choices will also be discussed. (Comparisons and contrasts with gouache [opaque watercolor] and the semi-transparent medium of colored pencils will be discussed in lecture.) Prerequisite: some watercolor experience.

There are no prerequisites for Color Theory class. This class, however, is a prerequisite for Roz's two-part Gouache series. Color Theory is also recommended as a prerequisite for Roz's 1-week Gouache workshop.

Past and future students can view my Changing Palettes Experiments, This Acrobat pdf shows journal pages, from May and June 2003. During this time I decided which colors I would delete and add to my 18-color Watercolor travel palette. The pages discuss my specific needs and goals and show the blending experiments I did. After working with a simple 6-color palette in class students will be encouraged to make similar decisions with their own palettes so that their color choices work for them and reflect the needs of their artistic voices.

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